Being crushed from your closing walls.
I never thought it would have come to this.
I'd try to tell you but my lungs are being crushed.
My voice is the last thing that I thought I'd ever miss.
I hope this makes you see just how you destroy me.
Now I guess I'm just a liar.
Would I be lying if I said I don't know?
Now I guess that this is over
and I'm sorry that you have nothing to show.
I hope this makes you see just how you destroy me
and I can't do what you please
when I haven't been standing on my own two feet.
I'll come running back to you just like you knew I'd do. 

film by demi


Deep in the monotone streets of Santa Barbara lurks a young, beautiful and oddly talented Zariana Hayes of BLK SND swimwear. Blowing off the mainstream beach and wine lifestyle for the grinding hands on fashionista life. We collaborated together to make four one of a kind hand-sewn suits. Made on the kitchen table of Zari and her boyfriend Brett's humble downtown apartment. We are stoked to have he involved with our ever growing story. Please give her website a look and stay tune with more designs from BLK SND


photos by Graham Burwell